Measurable Results

Our software shows results in real time. By incorporating a blower door, the system is able to dial in your desired leakage. It’s that easy and verified upon completion.

Fast & Easy to Apply

From start to finish, the air sealing process takes 60-90 minutes. In new construction applications, prep and clean up time is minimal – typically taking less than an hour.


No more caulking needed to weatherize a space pre-drywall. Meet and verify air tightness requirements in real time, avoid guesswork, and save on time, material, and labor.


Sealant achieves durability performance in 3 key areas: flexing, aging, and compatibility in tests simulating 50 years of service.

Meet Any Requirement

Smart technology removes human error while sealing areas that cannot be reached with manual techniques.


GreenGuard Gold certified with Ultra-low VOC content and no off-gassing. Work can resume in the home within 30 minutes.


AeroBarrier may be the most important innovation to hit the building community in years. We were seeking a tighter building envelope and AeroBarrier answered the call. The technology is easily deployable in the field, delivers results immediately which is invaluable, and works well in a fast paced production environment. You may be able to overcome the inefficiencies of manual sealing by repeating the process over and over, but it would require more expensive labor hours and still no guarantee. AeroBarrier is fast and you know the results before you are even finished.

Geoff Ferrell – Chief Technology Officer
Mandalay Homes

It was blowing people’s minds – mostly because monitoring compartmentalization in a multi-family building under construction is typically a very difficult, time consuming task. The level of coordination and commitment you need to get from all contractors on the job is as critical as it is nearly impossible to achieve. With AeroBarrier, it’s simply not a problem.

Chris Benedict, R.A

AeroBarrier could very well be the end game in our industry’s search for a comprehensive, cost-effective way to control leaks through building enclosures. Properly sealing a home or building to precise levels can be time consuming, stressful to site staff and expensive. With ever increasing expectations of homeowners and changing building codes, homes will be expected to be more air tight than ever. There isn’t a more important technology in our industry today.

Gord Cooke – Partner
Construction Instruction

Certificate of completion report. Provided after your project is completed